Foreign languages

The learning of two foreign languages contributes to the excellence of ENSAE’s engineering students’ training, allowing them to integrate easily into a now globalized job market.

English courses

To be awarded a degree in Statistical Economic Engineer, a good command of the English language is required. B2 certification in English (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.) is a condition for graduation. ENSAE Paris students may register, free of charge, for one TOEIC session.

In order to validate their “Languages and Sport” UE, ENSAE Paris students must also attend weekly English classes. Two levels of language course are delivered:

  • Below B2 level courses have a very linguistic approach.
  • Higher than B2 level courses offer a more thematic approach.

In 1A and 2A, English is compulsory for all students. In 3A, English is compulsory for students who cannot provide proof of B2 certification, but is optional for those who can.

Lessons last 1h30 per week for students with a B2 level or higher; 3h for others.

For students in MS Actuarial Science, B2 certification in English is required to become an associate member of the Institute of Actuaries (TOEIC 785 or equivalent).

Other languages

The study of a language other than English is compulsory in 1A and 2A and optional in 3A. Students can choose from the following languages: German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian or French as a Foreign Language (FLE). FLE is mandatory for non French-speaking students.

Groups and levels (from ‘absolute beginner’ to ‘advanced’) open according to demand at the beginning of the year. For a group to be created, at least five students must apply.

If the language and/or the level of language is not offered at ENSAE Paris, students may follow language courses in another school, if this is compatible with their ENSAE timetable. For this, the validity of the course must be approved by the Foreign Languages department, before the beginning of the school year.

Lessons last 1h30 per week; 2 hours for ``absolute beginners`` (i.e., those who have never studied the language before).

For non French-speaking students, B2 certification in French is a condition for graduation.