Mastère spécialisé Quantitative Methods for Economic and Financial Decision

The Mastère spécialisé Quantitative Methods for Economic and Financial Decision trains quantitative economists, capable of applying econometric methods to a wide variety of macroeconomic or microeconomic problems. Students who specialize in applied macroeconomics can work within government agencies, international organizations, consulting, finance. Students who specialize in microeconomics and firms will find the most opportunities in large companies (economic services and finance departments) but also in young innovative companies, in financial institutions, consulting and economic study firms, law firms, national and international administrations and regulatory authorities.

Some students choose to specialize in applied macroeconomics and forecasting. They deepen their knowledge in time series, econometrics, macroeconometrics, evaluation of public policies, national accounting, short-term macroeconomic analysis. Optional courses include public finance, monetary policy, fiscal policy, international economics, labor market.

Other students choose to specialize in microeconomics, firms and markets. They deepen their knowledge in econometrics, Microeconometric Evaluation of Public Policies, Marketing, E-commerce and Advertisement Economics, Merger and Acquisition, Corporate Financial Strategy, Empirical methods for business decisions. They also participate in the Business Data Challenge, a competition between several groups of students taking place throughout the second semester. Students work on a problem as formulated by a partnered company. Data is made available by the company to the students, who are required to use the ENSAE teachings to solve the problem. The objective of this competition is to confront students with real life challenges in the field of business.