Mastère spécialisé Finance and Risk Management

The Mastère spécialisé Finance and Risk Management aims to train financial markets specialists and, more generally, banking and asset management professionals. The strength of this training delivered at ENSAE is the balance between the teaching of applied mathematics (based on probability, theory of processes and associated numerical methods) and lessons in economics, econometrics and statistics. Theoretical courses alternate with applied finance lessons, and are supplemented by professional seminars. Once their training is completed, graduates are able to handle complex assessment/cover tools of sophisticated derivatives, to build and quantify the risks of a financial portfolio, and to provide tools and measures for a relevant activity management.

It provides students with a wide range of opportunities. The most likely functions to be held after graduation are: market operators (traders, structurers), financial engineers (“quants”), portfolio managers, risk managers on market or credit risk, etc. The technical knowledge acquired during the completion of the program provides students with the necessary tools to hold positions of high responsibility in financial management.

The curriculum is organized around core courses in Financial Econometrics, introduction to risk management, Pricing and hedging derivatives, C++, soft skills, credit derivatives, Banking Asset and Liabilities Management, Numerical Methods in Financial Engineering, Term Structure of Interest Rates, Financial conferences. A wide range of electives allows students to strengthen their specialization in one particular field or, on the contrary, to acquires a more general training.