Mastère spécialisé Data Science

The Mastère spécialisé Data science allows students to acquire a highly qualified profile in statistical analysis and big data analysis, for which professional opportunities are both numerous and varied. Data scientists can work as lecturers, consultants, start-up partners, specialists in the public or industrial field, among others. Students acquire a scientific expertise of the highest level that will allow them to support decision-making in many areas: public policy assessment, firm trade policies assessment, finance, biostatistics, imaging, survey statistics, or research. For several years, there has been an explosion in the volume of data available in a variety of areas (e.g. genetics, neuroscience, climatology, as well as finance, marketing and human and social sciences). While concerns initially focused on the storage and preservation of these data, problems related to statistical evaluation and analysis are now at the forefront of research. This shift led to the creation of new jobs, which require both technical skills and a strategic understanding of the underlying issues.

The curriculum is organized around core courses in machine learning, law and big data, databases, soft skills, IT projects, deep learning models and optimization, seminar in quantitative marketing and data storytelling. Many advanced optional courses are also offered, allowing students to deepen their knowledge in some technical fields.