Postgraduate Programs

Like most French “Grandes écoles”, ENSAE Paris offers a fifteen-month postgraduate program which provides with a “Mastère Spécialisé” in Actuarial science, Data Science, Finance and risk management or Economics and statistics Modelling. This degree is certified by the “Conférence des grandes écoles”.

Students are admitted into this program on the basis of their academic qualification; as a prerequisite they must hold a Master degree in economics, mathematics, statistics or finance, or an engineering degree. In this program students devote about 20% of their time to tutorials, during which either a researcher or a professional helps them to deal with genuine applied or theoretical problems.

The program corresponds roughly to the third year of the ENSAE engineering program (i.e., to a specialization within one of the above five majors). The training is completed by an internship which lasts between 4 and 6 months. The “Mastère spécialisé” is particularly suited to graduates who aim at deepening their knowledge in one of the above fields and apply it as practitioners in a professional environment, as well as benefiting from the academic excellence of the “Grandes écoles”.

Most of the courses are taught in French, it is therefore necessary to understand and speak French, to be admitted.

Fees : 14 000 euros if an employee, 9 500 euros if not.