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If you have specific questions to ask students coming from your geographical area (China, Africa, Latin America), we can put you in contact with our referring students.

Courses at ENSAE Paris are taught by:

  • ENSAE Paris Professors and Assistant Professors, all members of our research center in economics and statistics, CREST (joint unit with CNRS and Ecole polytechnique)
  • Professors and researchers belonging to partner schools and universities
  • High level experts from private companies and government

This diversity of backgrounds is an important feature of France’s engineering schools as it provides complementary approaches – both academic and applied to topics relevant to business or government.

Faculty members

Faculty role

ENSAE Paris faculty play the principal role

  • They teach most core courses of ENSAE’s curriculum.
  • They ensure that the course sequences are consistent within a given academic discipline, and within a given pluridisciplinary field of application. They also ensure that courses are updated with research advances.
  • The Director of graduate studies of ENSAE Paris plays the major role of “conductor” by ensuring, together with Professors and Assistant Professors, the overall consistency of the pluridisciplinary engineering programs, in terms of balancing learning outcomes across disciplines and with general engineering skills (such as softskills, foreign languages, internships and projects).
  • For each major discipline taught at ENSAE (mathematics, statistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, finance, insurance, sociology, computer science) a teaching assistant (typically a PhD student) is in charge of supporting Professors in organizing the courses and following students, together with academic and administrative staff within the Graduate School.

The academic recognition of ENSAE Paris strongly rests on the excellence of its research center, CREST, a joint research unit with CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and Ecole Polytechnique. This interdisciplinary Center dedicated to quantitative methods applied to social sciences consists of four departments : Statistics ; Economics ; Finance and Insurance ; Sociology.

All ENSAE Paris faculty have strong academic recognition in their fields, and are hired according to international standards. Their research is published in the best international journals, and they are members of their editorial boards.