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If you have specific questions to ask students coming from your geographical area (China, Africa, Latin America), we can put you in contact with our referring students.

ENSAE Paris offers a three-year degree program in Applied Mathematics and Economics. As all French Engineering programs, our program confers the grade of Master. The ENSAE Paris program can thus be viewed as an intellectually challenging double major Master program providing a large and strong scientific basis, combined with effective professional skills, and leading to a wide range of specialization tracks and careers (see the details below). As an international student, you will access directly the second year. However, it can happen that an international student is invited to integrate our program at the first year level, depending on his or her academic background. Through courses, student projects and internships, the program delivers transversal skills which, today, are in great demand.

Courses at ENSAE Paris aim to give you very solid scientific foundations in a wide range of applied mathematics methods (optimization, probability theory, statistics, economic analysis, econometrics, machine learning…). You will be expected to acquire a strong command of these tools before applying them to various domains. Apart from theoretical and applied “classroom” courses, you will acquire these skills through individual or collective projects as well as internships – one every year, either in private firms, government organizations or research labs. This powerful pluridisciplinary basis is a strong asset for your future career : you will be able to innovate, to adapt, to collaborate within diverse teams and work environments, to manage complex projects and pluridisciplinary teams. You will also benefit from this sound scientific basis all your life, because it will allow you to keep pace with technological and scientific innovation : methods may evolve at a frenetic pace, but their mathematical foundations remain basically the same, so that you will be able to update your knowledge constantly and keep an edge.

The first year harmonizes student skills in Maths, Applied Maths, Economics and Computer Programming. Those students entering at this level, who have studied Economics beforehand, will need more Maths. Those who have studied Maths may need a better understanding of Economics. Courses start early September.

The second year is dedicated to the acquisition of advanced scientific skills. This is when specialization begins. To be admitted to ENSAE Paris, a strong knowledge of Maths is necessary. For international students directly admitted into the second year, work begins with some challenging theoretical probability. Courses start early September.

During the third year, students are free to choose one amongst the six specialized tracks offered:

In the 3rd Year, half of all our courses are offered in English.

Within all these tracks, students have the possibility of combining elective courses, chosen among a set of 150 courses from the third year catalogue enabling them to tailor their personal pathway.

Moreover, the specialized track chosen can be combined with an IP Paris Research Master in Economics, Statistics or Finance for those interested in furthering their education to PhD level.

L’Institut des Actuaires also allows students in Actuarial Sciences to prepare for Actuary accreditation by the end of their course.

Furthering to PhD level

For those interested in engaging in Research beyond the Engineering diploma, the specialized engineering track chosen during the third year at ENSAE Paris can be combined with an IP Paris Research Master in Economics, Statistics or Finance.

High-potential students with an ambitious research project in mind will be able to apply for entry, the following year, into the Institut Polytechnique de Paris PhD Track. This selective 5-year program is designed to allow post graduate students to gradually develop their thesis topic under personalized supervision by an academic. Students are immersed in cutting-edge research laboratories, giving them the tools and skills to successfully complete their future scientific work and be awarded a PhD Degree. The best candidates are eligible for excellence scholarships.

Second year students of the Ingénieur ENSAE Program at ENSAE Paris admitted in a IP Paris PhD Track will access the second year of the PhD track in “Economics” or in “Mathematics for Finance” or in “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence”. Our graduates carrying on to a PhD do so either at our research center, the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST, a joint research unit between ENSAE Paris, the National Center for Scientific Research and Ecole Polytechnique), within another IP Paris lab, or abroad (usually in the US or Europe). ENSAE Paris-CREST and IP Paris offer excellent research environments and PhD funding opportunities.