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Internships: applying knowledge and skills and preparing for professional life

As in all the Grandes écoles in France, ENSAE students are required to undertake several internships during their years of study (28 weeks overall minimum). In the Ingénieur ENSAE program, each year finishes with a compulsory internship:

  • The first year internship allows students to open their horizons and discover the realities of work in a private company, an administration or a humanitarian organization (minimum 4 weeks).
  • The second year internship better allows students to apply the key scientific skills they have acquired at ENSAE Paris within a company or a research lab, and to hone their professional career plan (minimum 10 weeks).
  • An optional year-long internship can be taken between the second and third years (two 6 months internships or 1 semester of internship and 1 semester of international exchange) ; it allows students to discover different professional contexts and/or application domains before choosing their third year specialization track.
  • The internship terminating the third year can be organized part-time during the year under a short-term contract (CDD) or an ongoing contract (CDI). This often represents for our students’ their first professional opportunity (14 weeks).

To help you find an internship that suits your needs, there is an Internship Service at ENSAE Paris. To support students in finding their career path, ENSAE Paris has set up a Career Center run by the Corporate Relations and Careers department. Our students can access this unique platform to look at targeted employment and internship listings lists.

The Career Center also support them throughout their academic path, providing advices to help identify and work toward career goals, find suitable careers. They can also find networking events to connect with professionals, more than 1,200 job videos and information about companies.

Highly diverse and attractive career opportunities

Given the wide applicability of the mathematical modeling and data science skills mastered by ENSAE students, the job opportunities made available are numerous and in rapid growth*. Banks, insurance companies, e-commerce companies, energy markets, the health sector, the environment sector, even musical streaming firms welcome ENSAE students.

  • 94%of ENSAE students are contracted less than 2 months after graduation*
  • 86% of ENSAE students are offered a position even before the end of their studies*
  • TOP 2 best starting salary among all French engineering schools*
*First Employmlent Survey – Class of 2019. Learn more

ENSAE Paris has close-knit partnerships with private companies, public services and international organizations. It has a particularly strong reputation in the banking industry, insurance companies, and data-oriented consulting firms.

Professional practitioners are involved in the academic life of ENSAE Paris in several ways:

  • Internships and projects: an essential part of student training consists in applying the methods and models taught at ENSAE Paris to solve technical and managerial issues based on genuine business or public data
  • Corporate seminars and conferences
  • Specific training sessions on career opportunities, innovative projects such as Hackathon
  • Courses and academic juries


A few examples of ENSAE graduates careers…


Michel AGLIETTA (1964), Economist
Yacine AIT-SAHALIA (1989), Professor of Finance, Princeton University
Alain DESROSIERES (1965), Statistician, Sociologist and Historian
Marc FLEURBAEY (1986), Professor of Economics, Princeton University
Christian GOURIÉROUX (1972), Professor of Finance and Economics, Université de Toronto
Jean-Jacques LAFFONT (1970), Economist, founder of the Toulouse Institute for Industrial Economics
Edmond MALINVAUD (1948), Economist, Honorary Professor at “Collège de France”
Alain MONFORT, founder of CREST, Professor of Finance and Econometrics, CNAM
Hélène REY (1994), Professor of Economics, London Business School
Jean-Marc ROBIN (1984), Professor of Economics, Sciences Po
Judith ROUSSEAU (1994), Professor of Statistics, University of Oxford
Bernard SALANIÉ (1986), Professor of Economics, Columbia University
Stefanie STANTCHEVA (2009), Professor of Economics, Harvard University
David THESMAR (1996), Professor of Finance, MIT
Nizar TOUZI (1990), Professor of Finance, École polytechnique


Sahar BAGHERY (2005), Head of Business Development, Amazon Prime Video
Philippe BRASSAC (1981), General Director, Crédit Agricole
Sophie BROCART (1995), General Director, Jean Patou-LVMH
Eric CHANEY (1988), former Chief economist, AXA group
Frederic GAGEY (1982), former CEO of Air France, Financial Director of Air France-KLM
Thanh-Long HUYNH (2000), CEO of QuantCube Technology
Helle KRISTOFFERSEN (1989), Director of Strategy and Economic Intelligence, Total
Arnaud LAROCHE (1994), head of AI for EY, Paris

Public Organizations

Jacqueline AGLIETTA (1965), founder of Médiamétrie
Maya ATIG (1996), General Director of the French Banking Federation
François BOURGUIGNON (1968), former Vice-president of the World-Bank
Reda CHERIF (2001), Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund
Benoît COEURÉ (1982), former member of the Directory of the European Central Bank
Jean-Marie GANKOU (1977), former Minister for Economics and Finance of Cameroon
Yaye Seynabou SAKHO (1998), Director for Central America, World Bank
Christian SAUTER (1965), former Minister of Economics, Finance and Industry of France
Jean-Luc TAVERNIER (1985), General Director of the National Institute for Statistics and Economics Studies