Study abroad

ENSAE Paris students are strongly encouraged to go abroad for internships and/or within the framework of academic exchanges. All are required to go abroad for at least 4 weeks, throughout their studies at ENSAE Paris.

Exchange semester

Erasmus+ exchange agreements

Within the Erasmus+ program, ENSAE Paris students who have completed the second year of the Ingénieur ENSAE program can study abroad for one semester in a European partner university:

  • during the second semester of the third year (30 ECTS validated in the exchange semester abroad replace the second semester of the 3A program)
  • between the second and the third year, as part of a long internship year (6-month internship + 1 academic exchange semester).

The courses taken must reflect both the level and the fields of teaching of the specialization chosen by the student engineer at the beginning of the third year. The teaching program must first be validated by the Director of graduate studies.



  • Universität Mannheim
  • Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Technische Universität München
  • Universität Bonn


  • Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Università di Bologna

Other exchange agreements

ENSAE Paris has partnership agreements outside Europe. Engineering students have the possibility of a mobility over one or two semesters, under the same conditions as those above.


Canada :

  • Université de Montréal, département d’économie

Russia :

  • Higher School of Economics de Moscou

Year 3 abroad

ENSAE Paris engineering students who have completed the first year of the Ingénieur ENSAE program may replace their third year with a year abroad, in a foreign university, at the master’s level or first year of PhD.

This exchange can take place in any foreign university, as long as the study program chosen reflects both the level of excellence and the fields of teaching provided by ENSAE Paris.

Favored destinations





Internships abroad

All internships can be carried out abroad, with the exception of the part-time internship which takes place in parallel with the third year courses. Students are encouraged to do at least one of their “opening”, “application”, “long” or “graduation” internships abroad.

It is up to the students to find and organize their internships. The Internship department and ENSAE Paris’ permanent teachers will support them in their efforts (proofreading of cover letters, obtaining letters of recommendation, etc.). ENSAE Paris will also provide students with international internship offers (notably in London, Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo, etc.).


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