Green finance : Peter Tankov in Polytechnique Insights

Peter Tankov is a professor of quantitative finance at ENSAE Paris. His latest contribution to Polytechnique Insights is about ““Green finance” still a long way from the Paris Agreement”.

His research focuses on quantitative finance, green finance and finance of energy markets. For Polytechnique Insights, he wrote about the concept of green finance that became mainstream in 2015 with the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement.
Find out few quotes above and click here to read his research publication available on Polytechnique Insights:
  • “The objective of #GreenFinance is to align financial flows with the climate goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement.”
  • “Investment in renewable energy was only $322bn in 2018 while limiting warming to 1.5°C in 2100 requires investing $797bn per year between 2016 and 2050.”
  • “Green finance needs new tools to scale up low-carbon energy investments.”

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