Gas: David Benatia (ENSAE Paris & HEC Montréal) in Polytechnique Insights

David Benatia is an adjunct Professor of Economics at ENSAE Paris and HEC Montréal. His latest contribution to Polytechnique Insights is about “Gas: a sustainable upward trend”.

His research focuses on econometrics and industrial economics with a specific interest in energy markets. In particular, he studies how modern quantitative methods can improve the detection and analysis of anti-competitive behaviour in electricity markets.
For Polytechnique Insights, he wrote about the price variations of the gas.
Find out few quotes above and click here to read his research publication available on Polytechnique Insights:
  • “In France, on October 1st, the annual bill for an average household was €1,482 including tax – the highest it has been in the last six years.”
  • “Price variations are determined by three important players; the increase in demand, the limited supply due to a lack of stocks and geopolitical tensions, finally the weight of environmental policies.”
  • “Companies will pass on the increased cost of energy in the price of their goods and services and so the consequence is likely inflation. Households can be expected to reduce their gas consumption, but this remains largely a constraint.”

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