ENSAE’s training programs

ENSAE provides three types of programs, all of which deliver a high-level training in econometrics and quantitative methods applied to economics and statistics.


ENSAE’s “engineering degree” is a three year program preparing students to become experts in actuarial science, data science, macroeconomics, microeconomics, quantitative finance and risk management or in quantitative sociology. High-quality courses are proposed in various fields as the econometric evaluation of public policies, machine learning, advanced micro- and macroeconomics, stochastic calculus, Bayesian statistics, dynamic programming, risk theory, etc. During the third year, about one hundred and thirty courses are provided at ENSAE. Each student chooses one of the following five majors:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Data Science & Social Sciences
  • Finance & Risk Management
  • Forecasting & Economic Policy

The program offers outstanding scientific training as well as professional skills building on ENSAE’s close links to businesses and public adminstration. It is particulary suited to students holding a BSc in Mathematics and/or economics ans aiming to work as experts in private firms or public administrations. This program is different from more research oriented Master’s programs in that it delivers a very wide range of skills, covering economic and financial modelling, statistics, econometrics, machine learning, computer science, as well as specialized theoretivcal and applied field skills.



Students aiming to develop highly specialized and research oriented skills, with a view to complete a PhD, can apply to various Master’s programs operated jointly by ENSAE and its partners within the University Paris-Saclay :

How to apply: https://inception.universite‐paris‐saclay.fr/fr/

CREST organizes advanced PhD courses and participates in the supervision of dissertations. Over fourty research students are currently working on their dissertations at the center. French and foreign students can apply for a CREST fellowship.

Information on PhD is available on CREST’s website here.



Like most French “Grandes écoles”, ENSAE Paris offers a fifteen-month postgraduate program which provides with a “Mastère Spécialisé” in Actuarial science, Data Science, Finance and risk management or Economics and statistics Modelling. This degree is certified by the “Conférence des grandes écoles”.

Students are admitted into this program on the basis of their academic qualification (as a prerequisite they must hold a Master degree in economics, mathematics, statistics or finance, or an engineering degree). In this program students devote about 20% of their time to tutorials, during which either a researcher or a professional helps them to deal with genuine applied or theoretical problems.

The program corresponds roughly to the third year of the ENSAE engineering program (i.e., to a specialization within one of the above five majors).