ENSAE has graduated about 6500 students over the past 75 years.

ENSAE has developed top quality programs in the fields of finance, actuarial sciences, data science and quantitative social sciences. In particular, the financial and insurance sectors have attracted an increasing number of young graduates both because of the high salaries offered and because of the reputation of the ENSAE diploma in the job market. Based on the criterion of the average salary of graduates, ENSAE is now ranked in the top group of French “grandes écoles”.

According to the latest employment survey nearly two thirds of ENSAE graduates find their first job in the financial sector (banks and insurance companys). About 20% of these graduates have a position as a data scientist, another 20% as data analysts, 13% as actuaries and 12% as economists. About 10% of graduates start their career abroad.

Typically, alumni begin their careers in positions which entail a high level of technical expertise. According to the last survey focusing on the first job of alumni, 45% of ENSAE students who decided to work the year after they graduated began their career in the financial sector, including 18% as actuaries, 18% as quantitative analysts and 7% as traders. After these experiences many alumni move towards management positions. They reach these positions either in executive divisions (22% of ENSAE alumni are executive directors), or in finance, management and legal branches (15%) or in research and development departments (14%).
ENSAE graduates who decide to become civil servants also prove successful.

Many of them work in the French Ministry of Finance, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, or international organisations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or the United Nation Organisation. Some former ministers, such as Christian Sautter (Former Minister of Finance) and Bruno Durieux (Former Minister of Health and Former Minister of Foreign Trade) and the Chairman of the French National Institute for Statistiques and Economic Studies graduated from ENSAE.

A relatively small number of motivated students and graduates continue to choose academic careers. As a result, ENSAE is able to maintain its record of excellence in the training of top researchers. To cite but a few of them, the list of ENSAE graduates includes Edmond Malinvaud (1948), François Bourguignon (1968), Alain Monfort (1968), Jean-Jacques Laffont (1970), Guy Laroque (1970), Christian Gouriéroux (1972), Alain Trognon (1974), Patrick Artus (1975), Patrick Rey (1983), Bernard Salanié (1986), Nizar Touzi (1994). All of them have been or are members of ENSAE’s permanent or part-time faculty.