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Admission through GEI-UNIV: Eligibility results are available

10 May. 2023
ENSAE Paris opens 15 places to L3 students with L3 for entry into the engineering program via the GEI-UNIV shared university recruitment program. After studying the academic results and the results of the written tests, the jury drew up a list of eligible candidates who will be invited to take the oral tests.
Admission through GEI-UNIV: Eligibility results are available

Eligibility results have been published since May 10, 2023 on the website www.geiuniv.com. Congratulations to all the GEI-UNIV candidates!

To prepare for the orals and find out more about our engineering school, visit the GEI-UNIV candidate portal (in French).


For all information requests, please specify your field of study.

  • Karine PAIN, admissions manager
  • Henri DE TRICORNOT, contact student for GEI-UNIV eligible students currently in the 2nd year of the engineering cycle


On our dedicated page, you will find testimonials at your disposal and below an extract of testimonials from the summer of 2022.