Méthodes numériques en ingénierie financière


Participants of this course will master computational techniques frequently used in mathematical finance applications.


Prerequisites: Stochastic processes / stochastic calculus, Numerical Analysis, Derivatives, Command of Python

TDs: In the form of ipython notebooks


1. Brief introduction to asset price modeling and option pricing

  • Basic stochastic models in finance
  • Introduction to numerical methods for option pricing

2.  Monte Carlo methods for pricing

  • Euler schemes and applications to volatility models
  • Variance reduction 

3. Option pricing via PDEs

  • Finite difference approximation of Black-Scholes PDE
  • American options and free boundary problems

4. Transformation based methods

  • Affine models
  • Option pricing via Fourier transforms

5. Density approximation techniques

  • Polynomial models and calculation of moments
  • Option pricing via density approximation

6. Rough Volatility

  • Motivation for rough volatility models and examples
  • The rough Heston model 

7. Machine learning methods for pricing

  • Parametric option pricing and calibration with Neural Networks
  • Neural networks for solving PDEs


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·      Additional lecture material will be provided by the instructors.