Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing


Natural Language Processing is a field of Artificial Intelligence concerned with processing in a systematic way human languages. It is now a mainstream technology used in a great variety of products like Voice AssistantSearch EnginesRecommander systems… This course is an exhaustive introduction to NLP. We will cover the full processing pipeline, from preprocessing and representation learning to supervised task-specific learning.

Lien du cours : 


Session 1 : The why and what of NLP

Session 2 : Representing text into vectors

Session 3 : Modelling textual data

Session 4 : Neural Natural Language Processing

Session 5 : Language Modelling

Session 6 : NLP in the real-world


-Algorithms for speech and natural language processing, Benoit Sagot ENS-Saclay 

-Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft) Martins and Jurafsky 

-Introduction to Linguistics, Kracht