Analyse textuelle


This course introduces the main statistical tools for natural language processing (oNLP). 
Natural language processing covers any application based on extracting information from textual data, and has been a core component of modern search engine, spam detectors or automatic translation systems.
After a short introduction of the standard classical statistical tools, we will dive into modern approaches based on Deep Learning that are currently used by the industry.
This course requires knowledge of coding and statistics, and will be validate through an experimental project.


Part I Traditional tools for NLP — Edouard Grave
— Introduction classical problems in NLP
— Count based statistical methods
— text classification
— Language modeling and n-grams models
— Phrase based machine translation

Part II Deep learning for NLP — Armand Joulin
— Word embeddings
— Recurrent networks
— Attention mechanisms and transformer networks
— Neural language modeling
— Neural Machine Translation


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