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Empirical Industrial Organization



Département : Economics


The aim of the course is to give a solid grounding in the modern empirical tools that are useful in understanding the structure of markets, and the strategic behavior of firms and their consumers. The course covers discrete choice and static demand estimation, the estimation of market power and firm conduct, and the analysis of horizontal mergers and vertical relations (including manufacturer-retailer bargaining).


Students are expected to prepare for and actively participate in all lectures and computer sessions. The grade for this course is based on presentations of papers (30%) and a final home assignment (70%).


Meeting 1:

- Topic 1: Introduction to Empirical IO and Markets with Homogeneous Products.

Meeting 2:

- Topic 2 (part 1): Static Demand Estimation

Meeting 3:

- Topic 2 (part 2): Static Demand Estimation

Meeting 4:

- Topic 3 (part 1): Market Power

Meeting 5:

- Topic 3 (part 2): Firm Conduct

Meeting 6:

- Topic 4 (part 1): Horizontal Mergers

Meeting 7:

- Topic 4 (part 2): Horizontal Mergers

Meeting 8:

- Topic 5: Vertical Relations


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