Statut : Professor, CNRS Researcher, Head of the Sociology Department of CREST, co-Director of the "Data Science & Social Sciences" engineering track
Département : ENSAE-CREST, Sociology
Spécialités : Stratification; Inequalities, Consumption, Lifestyles, Environmental practices, Discrimination, Epistemology


I am a CNRS Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) where I head the Department in Quantitative Sociology. In my research I use mainly quantitative methods to explore questions related to inequalities in consumption and lifestyles, environmental practices and discrimination from historical and comparative perspectives. I also have a developing interest in epistemology, the construction of social classifications and cross-pollinisation between scientific fields. I teach regular classes at the graduate level at the Ecole nationale de statistique et de l'administration économique (ENSAE) and in the Master programme in Quantitative Sociology and Demography at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. I hold a degree in International Politics and Economics from Middlebury College, a D.E.A. in Sociology from OSC/Sciences Po and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Stanford University.


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Enseignant Identifiant Intitulé Instructor Heures de TD Jours Heures de cours Crédits ECTS Modalité examen
Ivaylo Petev DES328 Séminaire de sociologie quantitative Petev Ivaylo 0 18 3
Ivaylo Petev DES316 Topics in quantitative sociology Petev Ivaylo 0 24 3 CC