Economics of sustainable development


This course explores some of the most important areas of environmental economics and economic issues of sustainable development in a framework that integrates economic growth, trade and public economy. Special emphasis is given to sustainable use of natural resources, global pollution problems and decision making with irreversibility. It gives the rational of regulations and more generally explains the role of the state in mitigating the negative consequences of market failures, and its incentives to do so in different environments.


Environmental regulation design

       Information asymmetry and regulations
       Monitoring and the enforcement of regulations
       Limited liability and moral hazard

Environmental risk
      Environmental CBA and the discount factor
      Economic analysis of the Precautionary Principle
      Risk perception and regulations

Growth and the environment
     Limited resources and the Hartwick rule
     Pollution and steady growth
     Green growth & directed technical change

International environmental problems
     International trade and the environment
           Non-strategic and strategic trade
           North-South trade & the environment
           Trade and natural resources
     International environmental agreements


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