Tuition fees payable by holders students for the school year 2015-2016 are € 811 and € 135 for students going on long internship. The free auditors must pay their registration fees amounting to € 198, not refundable in case of withdrawal during the year.

Membership in a student social security center is compulsory, the 2015/2016 membership is 215 €.

Grants may be awarded to students from ENSAE whose resources are insufficient. The grants are reserved for students of the school; no help is given to Specialized Master or CESS students. The allocation committee meets in late October and grants aid to students regardless of their nationality. The grant holder is exempt from tuition and social security fees. 

WARNING students, beneficiaries of a provisional certificate of scholarships from the CROUS may not retain the benefit as ENSAE students; they will have to re-apply for a scholarship to the service of the school's student life that will conduct a new examination of the case! 

Begining of courses for the year 2015/2016 

1A Maths & Eco: Tuesday 1st of September 2015 at 8h00
Integrated Cursus: Monday 31st of August 2015 at 8h00
Directly in 2nd year: Monday 31st of August 2015 at 8h00
CESS-Mastère: Monday 31st of August 2015 at 8h00
2nd year (ex 1A Maths & Eco): Monday 14th of September 2015 at 9h00
3rd year: Monday 5th of October 2015 at 10h00


Integration Week-End (WEI): from Friday 18th until Sunday 20th of  September 2015
Fall: from Monday 26th of October until Sunday 30 of October 2015 (Only for 1A and 2A)
Armistice 1918: mardi 11th of November 2015

Cultural Week-End: from Wednesday 11th until Sunday 15 of November 2015 (Only for 1A and 2A)
Forum Trium: XXX November 2015

Christmas: from Monday 21st of December 2015 until Sunday 3rd of January 2016
Journées des métiers: XXX January (afternoon)
Winter: from Monday 22nd until Sunday 26th of February 2016
Free week: from Monday 14th until Sunday 20th of  March 2016 (Only for 1A and 2A)
Easter: 28th of  March 2016
Spring: from Monday 25th of April until Sunday 1st of May 2016 (Only for 1A and 2A)
Ascension: from jeudi 5th of May 2016
Pentecôte: Monday 16th of May 2016

End of courses for the year 2015-2016

1st year: Thursday 26th of May 2016
2nd year: Thursday 2nd of June 2016
3rd year: Friday 29th of April 2016


The nearest health centers are:

Centre de santé Maurice Ténine
74, avenue Pierre Larousse
Tél : 01 41 17 43 50

Centre de santé Marie-Thérèse
53, rue Gambetta
Tél : 01 41 17 43 50