The Centre for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) is ENSAE's research centre.

CREST's output is important both in the theoretical and the applied fields. The center organizes eight regular seminars and many international conferences (more then ten conferences over the last five years). The Centre also publishes a series of working papers, an information letter and an annual report.

As part of the Center's policy, junior and senior researchers can be invited there. The length of the visits varies between one week and one year and financial suport is available. In addition, CREST is involved in several international networks, both in the doctoral field (the European Doctoral Program in quantitative economics, for example) and in research (Human Capital and Mobility networks, for instance).

The main areas of research covered at CREST are 

  • Quantitative approach to social sciences (Economics and Sociology) 
  • Statistical theory and methods 

CREST consists of the following laboratories: 

Researchers at CREST participate in international work groups, associations, and academic fellowships. CREST's eight laboratories hold weekly, biweekly, or monthly seminars, in which CREST researchers participate actively. CREST regularly organises international conferences with institutions either in France or abroad. It publishes Annales d'Economie et Statistique.


Forthcoming seminars and conferences