Since 1997 ENSAE and Berlin Humboldt University have had a common curriculum in quantitative economics, statistics an finance within the German-French University. German students attend ENSAE for the first two years of courses. They will then spend the third and final year in Germany together with the French students involved in the program. Those students can thus get the diploma of the sister university. The ENSAI and Mannheim University have also been part of the program for a few years now.

ENSAE students improve their German during years 1 and 2. They may get a crash course at HUB or Mannheim after year 1. German students are selected after having completed the Vordiplom; they will then get a crash course in French in Paris during the summer before entering ENSAE. At ENSAE, French as a foreign language is compulsory for all foreign students not having studied in French-speaking schools.
The selecting committee meets in Paris, Berlin, Rennes or Mannheim.