Many ENSAE students choose to study abroad. Studies should be selected so as to be the equivalent of  ENSAE's final year. Students must select universities providing excellent training in one of the various subjects taught at ENSAE. Only students having achieved good results at ENSAE may be allowed to study abroad.

Applicants have to elaborate a project during the 1st semester of the second year; they may ask help from ENSAE's professors, assistant-professors and the foreign relations officer. As a motivation test, similar to the quest for internships, all formalities are accomplished by the applicants themselves.
After having received their admission letters to foreign universities, students will present their academic project to the dean of studies.

The high cost of studies abroad is a frequent obstacle. The obvious linguistic improvement and cultural knowledge that those studies imply may partly compensate for the expenses. Nevertheless students are advised to study in such countries as the USA only if they intend to work abroad. Their financial investment will thus be soon balanced by the fact that they have attended the most prestigious American universities.

Financial help, grants and scholarships can be asked from The Fulbright commission, the French-American Foundation, the Fyssen Foundation, the French Foreign Affairs , Lavoisier scholarships, etc. Fulbright Commission, French American Foundation, Fondation Fyssen, Ministère des affaires étrangères, Bourses Lavoisier...